Sunday, 9 June 2013

Flower Power

I just wanted to make a quick post on some of my recent purchases...floral headband/flower crowns! I can't stop wearing them and they make me feel more summery, if only I would wear them to sixth form and get away with it. I've seen a lot of beautiful photographs of people wearing them on Instagram and Tumblr, so I thought i'd give it a go. The Large flower crown was the one I was wearing in my last post WALKING ON SUNSHINE and you can also see it more clearly here (my hair kept getting tangled up in the flowers, so i apologise for the random strands of hair you can see, particular in the last picture)

All of these 3 headbands photographed were purchased from Primark, I think I got a little too excited but you can never have enough floral headband! Also they're not that expensive either. When I was in Topshop I fell in love with THIS floral headband but I thought it was a tad pricey so I opted for one i'm wearing in the photos which was half the price!

Are you a headband hoarder like me? I'd love to see your pictures of you wearing your headband, comment bellow and i'll check them out :)

Charlotte xx

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  1. So glad I found your blog :) i'be been wanting a floral head crown forever, think i'll give it a go as well


  2. These pictures are gorgeous!
    I LOVE the floral headband =]

  3. Lovely!!!

    xx Mounia

  4. Wow, lovely! Your blog is gorgeous, I've just followed via GFC :)
    FashionProject x

  5. You make them look so pretty and natural, they hardly even look fake! Beautiful pictures, beautiful blog! X

  6. So pretty! I love the colours of the flowers and your lashes look amazing!


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