Friday, 23 August 2013

Saltburn Pier

Hello everyone! Yesterday I got back from visiting my family in the North East of England. My grandma doesn't live far from this lovely beach so I went down there in hope of getting a few sunset pictures but it turned cloudy so I ended up with some 'moody blue' landscape shots. The pier itself is quite famous for the knitting that runs along the railings. My grandma said that mystery knitters go down to the pier at night and tie their creations onto the railings and in the morning big crowds of people come to see. HERE is an article/video on it!

Charlotte xx


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  1. You take amazing pictures. You can really capture the atmosphere of the place! I love it when people knit around objects outside.. it looks so cool :D

  2. seriously incredible pictures! and the mystery knitters sound so cool xx

  3. Such pretty pictures xx


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