Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pastel Pink

This little guy came to say hello!

These are some of the pictures I took yesterday. We went to a National Trust property which had a beautiful garden and a farm (as you can see from the picture of the pig which came to say hello) then we explored the local town which was painted in pastels. I stopped off at one of the local newsagents and bought myself some love hearts, they're my favourite! I have lots of new pictures to post soon, so stay tuned! Also I just discovered that i'd been using my 50mm lens wrong oops. I bought it last year and had only been using an f/3.0 instead of f/1.4! So I tested it out on these pictures and I think you can really tell the difference with the soft focus yay :)

Charlotte xx

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  1. These are such gorgeous photographs, I love the one with the wee piggy! Oh and those houses, they're my dream to live in!

    The Little Things

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! You have an unusual eye but it is so refreshing. Love the pig picture particularly, I've always wanted a pet pig. Did you touch his nose? Feels so weird!!

    We should be friends, I like National trust gardens too. My National Trust membership was maybe the best thing I have ever bought. Maybe.

    Em x


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